Pukeko Chill
Pukeko Chill

    Pukeko Chill


      Get ready to Hang out with our super chill Pukeko art print— Bright, bold colors and retro charm that's sure to transport you to the laid-back vibes of the 1970s. This  portrayal of the iconic Pukeko bird captures its free-spirited essence with a playful twist, featuring the bird sporting John Lennon-style glasses in vibrant yellow.

      The Pukeko radiates chill vibes with its blue plumage and fiery red beak, inviting viewers to embrace a sense of peace, love, and harmony. This art print channels the spirit of the hippie era, infusing your space with joy and positivity.

      Crafted with attention to detail, our art print showcases the Pukeko's distinctive features and flamboyant style, making it a standout piece in any collection. Whether displayed in a living room, bedroom, or studio, it serves as a captivating reminder to embrace individuality and celebrate life's colorful moments.

      Perfect for music lovers, nature enthusiasts, or anyone with a penchant for retro chic, our Pukeko Hippie art print adds a splash of personality to any decor. Order yours today and let the good vibes flow!

      Printed on Paper using a NZ printing company, backed on muda board from a bookbinder in CHCH and in a cellophane sleeve provided from a NZ company for protection, we use NZ businesses and recycled packaging where we can, and wrap and post most of our artworks reusing packaging sent to us.