Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Melissa discovered her passion for realism at an early age, exploring with acrylics, sketches and moving into a more ‘Pop Art’ style during her early twenties.

Melissa took her initial interests in fashion to her true calling in oil painting and developed her skills under her mentor, Michael Mischewski. Melissa’s dry brush oil technique gives velvety smooth finishes to flawless skin tones, technical layered images, rich patterns and expressive subjects.

Melissa describes her work as an outpouring of her subconscious; external events, images, characters, colours, and atmospheres become fused with her adored aesthetics of the glamorous, expansive and abundant to produce works that have bold and commanding presence.



Creating works with their own stories and personalities - each has it's own history - breathes a happiness in me i'm addicted to. It feels total, full and genuine. 

I am only a communicator, it's not about me - handing over the visual conclusion from billions of thoughts,  I am just a tool in their creation,  I create and then set them free into the world. I admire the sense of power they hold in themselves - no insecurity in what they are; they are present, real and free.

I am incredibly grateful for the inspiring and diverse buyers who have invested in my work and continue to support my career as an artist. Whether it is purchasing a singular greeting card or commissioning a painting, it has an impact which I have true gratitude for.

I am thankful for the encouragement and conversation of my fellow artists, for their love, wildness, colour; - their courage in following their own paths in creativity has inspirational solidarity.

I enjoy challenging myself daily as an artist, whether in my practice or through business and professionalism. It’s important for me to continue to broaden my knowledge and skills, practising exercises to un-skill which challenges my perfectionism and expands my techniques and approaches to creating new works.

One of the most exciting things about painting commissions are the beginning conversations with a client - a chance to hear a brief or idea, a feeling or the appreciation of a painting past; helps me merge colour, image and feeling onto canvas. I love to communicate visually. My years of painting have strengthened my connection to an unlimited supply of ideas that can be shared with you - to collaborate and share the outcome is what I am passionate about. I look forward to hearing from you...



I began working for Melissa in Feb 2017 in her School House Gallery in Cardrona Valley, New Zealand. We closed the gallery later that year to focus our combined efforts on bigger projects beyond the walls of the gallery space - which has been a lot of learning and a lot of fun!

This little set up is growing into a business with a mission, and I look forward to sharing Melissa’s beautiful artworks and new product ranges with you!



TO SHARE beauty and art by offering high quality products, artist services and creative solutions

TO EMPOWER and inspire people everywhere to enrich their environments and daily lives with art and design that they love

TO BE MINDFUL of our wider impact by carefully choosing sustainable production methods as the business grows