Enjoy the wonderful gift of art, whether you are giving to someone special or treating yourself.  We believe that both giving and receiving are integral to well-being, as is the environment in which you live and thrive.

When an artwork resonates with you, a connection forms between the viewer and the piece in an almost indescribable moment. We encourage recognising that spark and surrounding yourself with beauty that speaks to you!  

Below is a guide to help you imagine your new art in your home. Consider the extra size and presence a frame will add, if you are buying a print. Canvas prints will be around this size*. Custom sizes are also available

A Melissa Sharplin canvas print doesn't always conform to the dimensions of standard paper sizes (ie. some are longer and thinner due to the size of the original canvas or board) however the image size of the canvas will be as close to the A Paper surface area as possible to give you vast images of beautiful colour.

We are able to work from specific heights and widths in most cases, please get in touch if you have a size in mind.




 "I have an insatiable hunger for all things beautiful. My work reflects what I see in everyday living and I believe in sharing the love and deliciousness in what is truly magic." - Melissa Sharplin