by Ellie Smith on June 12, 2019


Both the Baradene Art Show and NZ Art Show featured Melissa's latest Colour Pop Round works. Almost totally sold out over both weekends, new works will be up on the website soon as they're ready! 

Highly customisable and commissionable - you can pick the colour and expression of choice. These works make fun and bright additions for interiors needing a sharp boost of colour, or can be grouped together as a super fun feature wall - they seem to chatter and converse between themselves - a real conversation starter! Hang in geometric grids or in sporadic bubbles of colour.  

Melissa's latest body of work has colourful Pop leanings combined with classic graphite portraiture. Bubbles of expressive characters wink, tut and give telling looks - each portraying opinion and emotion, which can be read and related to, instantaneously.
We can imagine captions and lines of dialogue between these lively personas, as though we know them and their mood intimately. Whether it’s feeling the warmth of gratitude, being caught in the slight of an inconvenience, the flash of empowerment, the quiet pensiveness of time alone, we have known and owned these moments of emotion in deeply personal ways. Through bold colour palettes and the interplay of expressions we can forge avenues of communication between these characters as a projection space for our imaginations.

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