Buy Now, Pay Later!

by Ellie Smith on May 16, 2019

It is here! We are so excited to announce that After Pay is now available on the site. It is a personal passion of mine that art should be accessible to those who love it, whilst ensuring the artist makes a living, too! After Pay means you can shop ’til you drop and pay later in monthly instalments. 

I truly believe in creating a home and sanctuary that reflects and contains your unique expression of beauty. Surrounding yourself with aesthetics that vibe with you is important.

What's your style? Extravagant, minimalistic, humorous, functional, vibrant…the list of home-personalities goes on and on, and is so intrinsic and individual to a persons tastes.

However it’s no secret that creating a place that’s just right for you takes time and resources. With busy lives and responsibilities, this can take a back seat, even though it is an important element of day to day happiness.

At the end of the month artwork can seem like a non-essential, and often it can be hard to justify treating yourself if you’re on a budget or feel as though you should be prioritising other things. 

We hope that AfterPay can bring that purchase a little close to you, spreading the cost so that you can take care of the monthly essentials, but with a sprinkle of newness to transform your home and castle! 

- Ellie