by Ellie Smith on June 12, 2019

So here is a whole blog post dedicated to chatting about our Hand Stamped Apparel Tags. A lot of thought has gone into the production of this packing, it has been a mini-project in itself!

Packaging is a hot topic - quite rightly so - with a focus on reducing single-use crap that is destined for the bin. Choosing limited packaging and sustainable options overshadows much of my own behaviour as a consumer, and so I was excited to see what could be done in launching our new product line.

There are standard retail requirements currently in place, which unfortunately aren't very environmentally savvy - like swing tags! These are single use and good for little more than carrying the branding and barcode of a product. Then it's usually straight to landfill as often tags have complicated and flashy components such as glossy/matte plastic coating, metal eyelets and other unnecessary eye-catching elements that make recycling impossible.

SO! We knew we had to create a swing tag that was more considerate and decided to make a tag for keeps. With each item of Melissa Sharplin Apparel, you get a signed and numbered Limited Edition Art print, printed on 100% Recycled paper.

The plastic cellophane that protects the miniature artwork admittedly isn't the part I'm most proud of - however it is made of Polypropylene, which is classed as a 5 recyclable plastic. 

The component that attaches the tag to the garment was a tricky part! We chose an option made from cord and metal, with a small safety pin. This part perhaps is the most single-use element of the product, but I'd like to think that these pieces could be reused by the consumer. A handy wee safety pin definitely beats one of those skinny plastic single-use guys. 

The backing board to the print is recycled unbleached board. Hand stamped with Melissa Sharplin's Stamp of Awesomeness! It reads;

Melissa Sharplin's Stamp of Awesomeness. Today you made the world a better place by purchasing art and are therefore truely awesome. 

And you are! Because you are supporting a small business on a mission to share art, expression and creativity in ways that are as sustainable as we can be. It's a challenge as a small business, but planetary health is a conscious consideration at the forefront of our methods for growth.